The Jotagas JEN19 model is equipped with top-quality components devised to offer the best-possible riding performance.




Brand: Jotagas
Model: JEN 2019
Engine: 1 cylinder 2 stroke
Crankcases: Aluminium
Cooling system: Water cooled
Admission: Directly to crankase
Displacement:  300cc
Engine oli: W75
Clutch: Hydraulic - Diaphragm
Selector: New design
Gears box: 6 gears
Switch: Digital CDI – 2 mappings
Primary transmission: Gear
Secondary transmission: Chain
Carburetor: 38 
Frame: Steel
Swingarm: One piece / Aluminium
Front suspension: Hydraulic adjustable 280  mm
Shock absorber: Progressive 280 mm travel
Front brake: Disk 260 mm - 2 pistons
Rear brake: Disk 235 mm - 1 pistons
Rims: Aluminium
Front tire / Rear tyre: Enduro 21” / 18”
Handle bar: Variable section
Wheel base: 1.600 mm
Weight: 101 Kg
Fuel tank: Aluminium 10 L
Fuel: Fuel 98 al

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