Jotagas is a company specialized in the production of off-road racing motorcycles, trial bikes and enduro bikes. He won the technical team with over 40 years of industry experience and over 15 world championships. In addition to countless Europeans from every country. Part of the experience and knowledge comes from the experiences accumulated in frontline companies. The Jotagas that started in Aragon in 2010 and 2017 were moved to Catalonia.

Innovation, evolution and reliability are the premises that take into account their products, therefore the growth of their products is constant. Its business group has forging, mechanical processing and heat treatment factories, thus facilitating great flexibility and control over the entire manufacturing process of its components. They work with the best materials to offer maximum quality, efficiency and performance.

The race team with world-class pilots in the world is the key to testing each of the new components and therefore being able to launch the latest generation products.